Wildfire Churrascaria

The Stra-BURG-anza 3rio


Three sliders three ways 1. Spit-roasted marinated chicken thigh with basil mayonnaise, rocket salad and cow's curd cheese in a Zaida's turmeric-cumin bun, with salsa-verde. 2. Beef patty with sage-garlic infused butter, iceberg lettuce and tomato concasse in a Zaida's charcoal bun, with gorgonzola cream. 3. Pork scotch with Dijon mustard, watercress, housemade pickles and smoked gouda in a Zaida's paprika milk bun, with cranberry hoisin dipping sauce, truffled polenta fries and sriracha aioli.

Beer match
Pickle Beer

Diet Friendly
Nut Free

Wildfire churrascaria

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